VA Emissions Check in Arlington, VA

Is it time for your inspection? Virginia requires motorists in certain high traffic cities and counties to undergo an emissions inspection every two years.  If the combustion chamber is not burning fuel sufficiently, your engine is not operating efficiently and more soot (black smoke) will be released from your tail pipe.  This smoke is hazardous to your health and affects the ozone layer.

The maximum inspection fee is $28. If the vehicle fails the inspection, the vehicle is eligible for ONE free retest at the original emissions inspection station within 14 calendar days of the Initial inspection.

A-One Auto is a certified emissions inspection center in Arlington, VA.

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Most vehicles that are registered or operated primarily in the program area are subject to the vehicle emissions inspection program.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles notifies vehicle owners whether or not an emissions inspection will be required in order to renew the vehicle’s registration.

Vehicle Emissions Inspection FAQ